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Empowering Innovation through forward thinking AI enabled Development

Technology stands as one of humanity's most pivotal advancements. An idea can quickly evolve into a tool for millions. The true challenge is finding the right team of highly skilled, dependable, and authentic professionals who can bring your idea to life!

With over 30+ years of combined software development Mastery, IDG’s Software engineering team stands in a league of its own. From working with Forbes 30 under 30 founders to industry giants like 7/11 and Intel, we are the go-to experts for cutting edge AI enabled software solutions.

We transcend the role of a mere development team; We become a collaborative partner, dedicated to our clients success. We are ready to transform your vision to reality!


Industry leading Software development

Industry leading Software development

Your Project, our dedicated Experts

  • Custom Enterprise Software Development
  • Custom AI integrations
  • API integration
  • Back End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Custom Platform development
  • Custom code base development
  • Custom AI enabled Development
  • Blockchain Smart Contract Development
  • System Modernizations
  • UI/UX user journey Design

Unlock the power of your Raw Data

Unlock the power of your Raw Data

Harness the power of your data to drive accurate predictions, achieve impactful results, and elevate your company to the next level.

  • AI empowered Data Synthesis
  • Data Cleansing
  • Custom Data Integrations
  • Custom Data Driven Analytics platforms
  • AI enabled Predictive Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • Real time Data Processing
  • Custom Ai enabled dashboards
  • Data Security integrations
  • Strategic Consulting

Custom APP and Platform Development

Custom APP and Platform Development

IDG has developed custom apps and platforms for clients that have garnered hundreds of thousands of users

  • Bespoke APP Development
  • Platform Design and Architecture
  • API development and Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Robust QA and Autonomous Testing
  • Maintenance and support
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Customer support AI bots
  • AI Fraud Detection
  • Supply chain Management
  • Natural Language Processing


Embark on a journey through our portfolio, where the artistry of software development meets the pinnacle of innovation.

Cached is a groundbreaking product that empowers individuals to reclaim ownership of their data. No longer will your valuable information be taken and sold to third parties without consent. With Cached, you regain control of your intellectual property and unlock the potential to monetize it, putting the power back in your hands.

IDG crafted the full UI/UX based on an extensive user journey study, ensuring an intuitive and engaging experience that truly meets their users' needs. Coffee Convo offers a grounded approach to social and professional networking, breaking down the inauthenticity of apps like LinkedIn and Instagram to enable users to form genuine connections. It’s not just about what you’re doing today, but about fostering relationships that help define your future aspirations.


Innotech Development played a pivotal role in consulting 7/11 on their software development approach for their groundbreaking web3 endeavor. Our expert team collaborated closely with 7/11 to shape their innovative strategy, leveraging web3 technologies to propel their digital transformation. Together, we forged new paths in the realm of decentralized solutions, empowering 7/11 to embrace the future of digital commerce with confidence.

Bits Crypto

Unlock the power of crypto investments. Bits allows users to stay ahead of the game by tracking social or environmental news that influences crypto prices. With the Bits app's intelligent portfolio management tool, your crypto holdings are reallocated based on real-time trigger alerts, transforming mere gossip into lucrative returns. Experience the future of investing with Bits and seize the potential of your financial journey

Meta Mask

Innotech Development Team provided due diligence reports for Meta Mask as an investment target for a client. This involved a full due diligence into their software technology, business model, security protocols, and roadmap of products.


Givepact is an innovative platform revolutionizing charitable donations within the crypto ecosystem. With Givepact, donors can contribute their crypto assets and receive a tax-deductible receipt in return. The platform supports donations in any cryptocurrency, empowering individuals to support causes they care about while enjoying the benefits of tax deductions. Givepact also opens doors for any charity to join and start receiving crypto donations, fostering philanthropy in the digital age


Innotech Development Members provided due diligence reports for a substantial investment decision into coinbase. Due Diligence included Full code base and product review, product roadmap review, and technical/security review to inform the investment decision.

Blockchain based OTC Swap

The pioneering peer-to-peer Over the Counter (OTC) trading platform that brings the advantages of traditional finance tools to the world of crypto. Users can leverage powerful features like Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) and Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) trading mechanisms. Experience seamless trading bundled into a single, low gas fee smart contract mechanism. Unlock the potential of efficient and secure OTC trading.

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